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If you work with JavaScript you need an editor like JavaScript Plus! Download JavaScript Plus! for free, an advanced editor for this programming language


A simple and capable JavaScript editor

August 6, 2008
7 / 10

Many gave it up for dead, but the truth is that JavaScript is still one of the most used languages to program applications, both for the web and for the desktop.

An advanced editor specialized in JavaScript

Due to its special features, not all code editors are competent enough to work well while programming applications in JavaScript, so if we're going to use this language a lot it is convenient to get hold of a specific application that makes the most of this language.

JavaScript Plus! is an advanced JavaScript editor developed to make working with this programming language more dynamic, and that offers us absolute control over the results as we work.

It allows us to write in JavaScript as well as CSS, HTML and XHTML, and it has integrated tools that allow us to validate, reuse, browse and expand the code in a rather efficient way. The program also has added functions like favorites, calendars and slideshow presentations, among many others.

Requirements and additional information:

The trial version has certain limitations.

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