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Excellent development environment for professional applications

February 9, 2019
7 / 10

Velneo vDevelop is a development environment that uses the RAD (Rapid Applications Development) methodology specially focused on the business environment, where productivity and effectiveness are two very important factors. This is mainly due to the fact that learning how to use it is very fast because it's extremely intuitive.

Main features

  • Intuitive development environment that uses RAD technology for the creation of professional applications.
  • Use of work “inspectors” that allow us to keep track of the objects that have been used, thus making it easier to maintain the applications.
  • Customization of the work environment: toolbars, the “table relation model”,..., and the project in general.
  • Great flexibility in the development of applications thanks to the support for distributed programming.
  • Support for collaborative work that allows a group of programs to work together on the development of the application.
  • Possibility to reuse the code, thus saving time.

Velneo vDevelop is the ideal solution if you need to easily develop professional applications in which it's necessary to manage a large amount of information.

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