MIT App Inventor 2

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MIT App Inventor 2 is a development environment for Android apps based on block construction and designing that doesn't require any programming knowledge


Develop your own Android applications without any trouble

April 3, 2023
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An MIT has set out to develop MIT App Inventor 2, an intuitive development environment that intends to allow us to develop fully operative apps for smartphones and tablets in under 30 minutes.

Create your own Android applications without having a clue about developing

It's a piece of software based on a block construction system which reduces development times significantly when compared to the usual development environments. The idea is to help anyone without great development knowledge, and especially young users, to apply valid ideas to the technological field.

This Android application editor is based on two tools:

  • Designer: it can be used to build the user interface, choosing and placing the elements to be interacted with and the app's components.
  • Bocks Editor: to define the behavior of each component of the app.

This tool was released back in 2008 and has millions of users and loads of online resources at present. Therefore, if you decide to download it and create your own Android app, you won't have any trouble finding App Inventor manuals and video tutorials on YouTube.

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