Get a complete integrated development environment with Geany. Download Geany for free and program in over fifty different languages ​​with this IDE.

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Having a good integrated development environment (IDE) is essential for any programmer. Geany is an IDE built from GTK2 libraries that supports a wide range of languages, including important ones such as C, C++, HTML, Java, SQL, PHP or Perl.

Full IDE for many languages

Geany also allows the installation of plug-ins such as Version Diff, Class Builder or Insert Special Characters, the application manual in HTML or text format and the list of symbols necessary for autocompletion. Of course, it's also possible to install the GTK runtime environment, essential for the functioning of Geany.


  • Supports over fifty programming languages.
  • Text editor that integrates compiling execution and editing functions, inherent to any IDE.
  • Customizable interface that lets you change its look as well as adding or removing options, bars and windows.
  • Perform common operations such as inserting comments or dates with a single click.
  • Different code search options.
  • Syntax coloring for easier programming.
  • Adds to the context menus the "Open with Geany" option.
  • Possibility to add shortcuts on the desktop.

Download Geany free of charge and get a development environment for any programming language

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