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Install Adobe AIR to be able top use web applications that are a lot more interesting on your desktop. Download Adobe AIR free now on your PC and test it

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Adobe AIR is a platform developed by Adobe conceived to develop attractive desktop applications. Furthermore, to give it greater functionality, Adobe offers us from the site Adobe Labs some example applications and even the SDK for developers.

  This platform stands out for its very simple installation, after which we will be able to access all the existing desktop applications regardless of the operating system that we use. Thanks to Adobe AIR the developers can create more creative and powerful applications.

  If you want to check all the power of Adobe AIR, you can access several applications that Adobe suggests on its website, like Fresh, RoadFinder, MapCache, Signet, ... or the many and interesting applications that we'll find on the web like TweetDeck, Destroy Flickr, Airtube, twhirl, Xdrive Desktop Lite, Snackr...

  Download Adobe AIR right now for Linux and start to take full control of this powerful platform.
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