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Adobe Audition is a complete audio editor that includes high-quality tools. Download this tool and work efficiently with the audio of your computer


Complete sequencer to be able to record and mix audio

October 31, 2023
8 / 10

Adobe Audition is an audio workstation, that can be used to record songs, to finish the post-production of an album or as a complement for the powerful Premiere software (the video edition development by Adobe).

A workstation for audio professionals

The application will allow you to use MIDI and audio channels, has a very simple parameter automation system, can be handled by means of controller surfaces and keyboards, offers support for the vast majority of current drivers and what's more, offers support for plug-ins and various formats, with which we can increase the possibilities offered by the program.

One of the most powerful programs in the world to record, edit and mix audio.

Furthermore, it's possible to analyze the samples that you import or record, equalize or filter the sound clips and work with a stave, for those who are trained musicians.

With regard to the interface, it's worth highlighting that all the details have been thoroughly designed, becoming a tool that doesn't require too much adaptation time, especially if you have worked with similar developments previously.

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