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AirMail is online disposable email service, in other words, you can use it to register on certain webpages and receive all your unwanted emails or SPAM

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On the Internet almost everything requires a user registry, and therefore, you obviously run the risk of flooding your inbox with junk mail. AirMail provides you with a disposable email service to solve this problem. Whenever you are requested to type in an email address, provide them with an invented AirMail address. Let AirMail take care of your admail and SPAM...

AirMail offers you a random email address to register on websites that you don't trust. All the mail relative to your registry will go directly to the AirMail in-tray, where you will be able to check it safely (whenever you want to).

Features of AirMail

  • Online disposable email service.
  • Access your fictitious inbox at any moment.
  • Read emails in HTML guaranteeing your security.
  • No registries.

Keep your real email address hidden. Try out platforms and services without jeopardising your privacy and without suffering the always complex user policies on the Internet, thanks to AirMail.

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