Alter Ego

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Alter Ego is an intrigue and adventure game where the player will have to solve a series of strange cases. Download Alter Ego free to your computer


Solve the mysterious murders

June 15, 2012
6 / 10

The mysterious murder of an aristocrat has occurred in Plymouth, but stranger still, his body has disappeared afterwards, this is main plot of Alter Ego, a game that combines adventure, horror and some concepts from role playing games.

Alternate characters

In Alter Ego the player will have to investigate a series of strange crimes, that will start after the aristocrats murder, by using two totally different characters, a police detective that uses logic at all times and an immigrant that has turned petty thief.

Through great quality 3D scenarios the player will have to investigate each of the crimes to be able to solve the strange occurrences that are affecting the coastal town where this adventure takes place.

The player will be able to interact with more than 25 different characters through out the adventure, each of which will help him to a different degree depending on which of the characters is used to interact with them.

Download Alter Ego to test your wits and logic.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The demo only allows to play a part of the game.

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