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Apple Music for iPhone and iPad is the application of the online music streaming service with a catalog of over 40 million songs that's constantly growing
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Despite being the leading company in music sales over the Internet by means of iTunes, Apple never managed or wanted to see the potential behind music streaming letting a service of the likes of Spotify gain a headstart in the online song business. But better late than never, it released its own music platform back in 2015: Apple Music.

The online music player built into iOS

Unlike its Swedish competitor, in which case you have to download the application, the guys at Cupertino have made the most of the powerful position of managing their own devices and operating system. Thus, this online music streaming app is included together with the rest of software offered in iOS, unlike Android, in which case you do have to download the APK.

Therefore, you can download it for free although it doesn't come along with a freemium option: you have to pay the price of any of the plans available, whether the standard plan, the family plan or the student plan (these two last plans include discounts).

Over 27 million users are registered on this platform.

It incorporates a catalog with over 40 million songs, and offers us all these features and functions:

  • Library: from here you can explore all the music purchased on iTunes or whatever songs included in your playlists and Apple Music albums. You can find all the songs and organize them according to different criteria such as name, artist, collection, songwriter, downloaded music, genre, list...
  • For you: it's a tab where the user can explore and discover new music based on his tastes.
  • Explore: from this tab you can view all the new additions, as well as find out what's popular or what Apple's editors think is going to become trendy.
  • Radio: Beats 1 is the non-stop radio station of this service hosted by renowned musicians and DJs. Exclusive interviews, guests, playlists with all sorts of music genres...
  • Search: here you can find any song or album that has been added to the catalog.

Apple Music vs Spotify, which one's better?

Both services are very similar, although the Swedish platform offers us the chance to listen to music for free with adverts. On the other hand, Apple's alternative allows us to use a trial mode for three months but paying a price of 0.99€ for that period.

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