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Ball Shoot! for Android devices is an addictive game by Voodoo that anyone in their twenties knows because it's basically a version of the Zuma ball game

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The video game development studio Voodoo doesn't precisely stand out for the originality or complexity of its titles but for how fast they are launching games and how addictive they turn out to be.

After other previous hits of the likes of Baseball Boy! or Dune!, today we're back with one of their latest games. But that doesn't mean that it's completely new. Remember Zuma Deluxe by PopCap Games? It was a game inspired by previous classic developments of the likes of Puzzle Bobble in which, instead of having to burst colorful bubbles that fell from the top of the screen with the help of a cute dinosaur, we played with a spinning frog to explode all the balls that moved in rows and forming curves.

A simple yet colorful and addictive version of the classic Zuma.

Burst the bubbles on the colorful snake

Ball Shoot! brings back this classic concept with a simple and flat design that's still very entertaining. Level after level, the player must shoot the colored ball towards a group of balls of the same color to make them disappear in groups of at least three. The row of balls will move forwards and we'll have to try to burst the requested number of them to get to the next level before the row reaches the hole and the balls get lost. You definitely won't get bored.

Apart from being a game that's great fun, Voodoo includes incentives to encourage us to continue playing: you can unlock new balls such as candies, pieces of fruit, smileys, planets, etc., as well as different wallpapers and frames for the interface. These new collectible elements help us to stay motivated and want to continue playing.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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