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Bazooka Boy is a shooting game in which players will need to show excellent aim if you want to get rid of all your enemies shooting with your bazooka


Annihilate your enemies with your bazooka

November 8, 2021
7 / 10

Bazooka Boy is a great shooting game in which you are challenged to finish your enemies shooting your bazooka. The difficulty of the game, which will increase as you progress and overcome levels, lies mainly in the fact that you need to try to kill your rivals and be careful enough not to kill yourself.

Shoot your enemies and finish them off in the most awesome ways

You have to be very careful where you shoot: keep in mind that you can be hit by the explosion and be killed too. You can also avoid using up all your ammo if you blow down the buildings where you will often find your opponents. Discover where they are stationed and crushing them.

The game mechanics are straightforward: simply drag your finger to aim and throw your projectile wherever you want, either directly or with parabolic shots. Destroy everything, unlock levels, and make money to buy new weapons and ammo and customize your main character.

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