BEEP is an adventure game in which you have to control an explorer robot. Find gold on all the planets you visit and eliminate enemies by downloading BEEP

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The Universe is full of mysteries, but with BEEP you will be able to start discovering them. BEEP is an interstellar adventure game in which you have to handle an exploration robot. For the last few years you have been traveling together with other robots on board other spaceships. But it has come the time for you to land on a selection of planets to extract the precious metals and, while you are at it, to eliminate certain enemies.

BEEP is a 2D platform game that bases all of its behavior on the main laws of physics. You will have to move a robot that is equipped with a gun, jetpack and antigravity device along all the scenarios while you gather small pips of gold for your masters.


  • 6 unique environments and 24 different levels.
  • Wide range of enemies with advanced artificial intelligence.
  • 2D vector graphics shown from a panoramic view (16:9).
  • 14 customized songs and striking sound effects that make the adventure more pleasant.
  • Customized engine based on OpenGL that allows us to launch titles at 60 Hz.
  • Interact with an environment that fulfills the laws of physics.

An interesting hybrid between the physics and the platforms.

Good graphics, superb playability

The graphic appearance of BEEP, developed in an environment based on comic drawings, provide the game with personality and unique features. Despite having 2D graphics, the detail level is very high, managing to envelop the player.

On the other hand, its playability is very high, in such a way that you can carry out all kinds of movements with you robot very precisely and in a very intuitive way, by simply using the PC keyboard.

Download BEEP, a galactic adventure with robots as main characters.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This is a demo with certain limitations.

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