Beneath a Steel Sky

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Beneath a Steel Sky is an entertaining graphic adventure in which you will have to help Foster to survive. Download Beneath a Steel Sky free and enjoy it

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Speaking about graphic adventures implies, inevitably, naming ScummVM, the great emulator with which we can play classics like Beneath a Steel Sky. A graphic adventure that is still very enjoyable despite having been launched in 1994.

  Even though it as launched for MS-DOS and Amiga, there are few graphic adventure enthusiasts that haven't enjoyed this prized jewel. Developed by the creators of the Broken Sword saga, Beneath a Steel Sky places us in a cyberpunk world in which our world has changed a lot. Foster, the main character, is man whose childhood was spent with an aborigine tribe due to a helicopter accident. And another helicopter, this time round sent by Captain Reich takes him back to civilization to face a corrupt world.

  Once in civilization, Foster has to avoid the obstacles and survive by aiming and clicking, as in the classic graphic adventures. During all the adventure we will obtain objects and speak with characters while we enjoy one of the best stories of video game history.
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