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With Bleep you'll get all the privacy you need for your conversations. This instant messaging application doesn't require a registry and is totally secure

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Sometimes you have to whisper so nobody can hear what you're saying. Likewise, when you use instant messaging applications you can feel that same need for privacy. Bleep can give it to you as it's based on the P2P protocol.

Secure, simple and private.

This instant messaging program has been developed by BitTorrent Inc. and its main strength is that, unlike other applications, it doesn't save your conversations on the cloud. Your messages will be totally private and will only belong to you.

Other advantages of the program

  • Start chatting immediately without sign-ups or waits. Access the application, invite your friends to join and start chatting.
  • Resort to ephemeral messages that are deleted after being read. Your secrets are safe, as your chats can't be recorded by anyone.

Among all the different messaging programs available, the latter is one of the best options due to its security and how easy it is to use.

BitTorrent, Inc.
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