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Blocks vs Blocks is a turn-based puzzle game where the objective is to occupy the largest portion of the board with our blocks before our opponent does


Compete to occupy most of the board with your blocks

December 26, 2023
8 / 10

Blocks vs Blocks is a puzzle game that will put our strategic capabilities to the test. Throughout the various levels featuring progressive difficulty, you will have to fight to occupy a larger part of the grid with your color than your rival.

Occupy all the areas of the board with your blocks

The board is divided into squares that are separated into larger or smaller areas. You start out with a set of green blocks that you will be able to spread around adjoining areas by swiping them when it is your turn. The goal is to occupy the larger part of the board with your green blocks.

The strategic part comes in when you have to try to stop your opponent from occupying more squares than you. To do so, carefully choose the areas you want to occupy and try to cut off your opponent's way forward whenever possible. If you manage to do so, the rest of the grid will automatically be yours.

The game features nice graphics, simple playability, and many increasingly difficult levels that will prove to be anything but easy.

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