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NEXON clearly understands that classic games never die. If you download their game BnB M for Android, you can enjoy playing a fun version of Bomberman


A cute clone of Bomberman

August 18, 2022
8 / 10

The South Korean video games studio NEXON just keeps on surprising us with every new thing they bring out. This time it is a fun clone of Bomberman in 3D featuring the cute, zany characters from Crazy Arcade, and this fun addition is called BnB M.

Play a bombing game like you never quite have before.

Game modes

The best thing about BnB M is that it has a wide range of game modes that will keep players entertained for hours; if you run out of steam in one mode you simply switch to another:

  • Classic mode: strategic matches where you play two against two.
  • Survival mode: these are Battle Royale type matches, where you start with 16 players who fall one by one and the last player standing is the winner.
  • Ranked match mode: features skill levels where you earn stars and move up through the rankings.
  • Hoard mode: this is a team match where the goal is to eat more dumplings than the opposing team.
  • Delivery mode: here you need to dodge your rivals on the map and bring as many dumplings as possible back to your base.
  • Treasure Island mode: this is where you get to roll the dice in order to be able to explore the island and find lots of useful stuff.
  • Custom match mode: the game allows you to create your own modes with different maps and rules.

Requirements and additional information:

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