To install Brawl Stars, you have two methods: from Malavida, and Google Play. We will also show you the easiest way to uninstall the game, a method valid for any other app.

How to install Brawl Stars from Malavida

At the end of this text, you will find a download button. If you tap on it, you will reach the Brawl Stars download page, where you will have to tap on the green button:

Page to access the download of Brawl StarsPage to access the download of Brawl Stars

After that, you will get to the download page. Tap on the green button again to start the download:

Downloading Brawl Stars from MalavidaDownloading Brawl Stars from Malavida

When you are done, you will need to use a file manager to locate the APK file you are going to install (in our case it is Google Files). Tap on the Downloads section as soon as you open the app:

Download folder in Google FilesDownload folder in Google Files

You will see the Brawl Stars APK file. Tap on it to install:

Brawl Stars APK fileBrawl Stars APK file

The system will ask us if we want to install the application. Tap on Install:

Installing Brawl StarsInstalling Brawl Stars

The application will be installed, and if we tap on Open, it will open so we can use it:

Brawl Stars installedBrawl Stars installed

How to install Brawl Stars from Google Play

First, open Google Play, and in the search bar, type Brawl Stars:

Google Play’s search barGoogle Play’s search bar

Tap on the magnifying glass icon on your keyboard to start the search. When your device has done so, you will arrive at this page, where you will have to tap on the Install button:

Installing Brawl Stars from Google PlayInstalling Brawl Stars from Google Play

The application will be installed automatically, and when it is finished, you can open it by tapping on Open:

Brawl Stars installed from Google's storeBrawl Stars installed from Google's store

This method may seem simpler and more straightforward, but it is true that sometimes, Google does not release updates as soon as they are available. On trusted servers, like ours, you are sure to download the latest virus-free version of the app.

How to uninstall Brawl Stars

Uninstalling Brawl Stars is even easier than installing it. Go to the app box and make a long tap on the app icon, then drag it out. You will see this on screen:

Brawl Stars icon on the desktopBrawl Stars icon on the desktop

Now, drag it to the top right corner of the screen, until the icon and Uninstall text turn red:

Uninstalling Brawl StarsUninstalling Brawl Stars

Drop the application in, and it is done.