What are Star Powers and how to unlock them

Every brawler in Brawl Stars has a card: it tells you their life points, their power of attack, the damage that their super deals and the power points they need to level up. If you look carefully, at the beginning of the list you will see something like Star Power; in most cases it’s blocked and you need to do something very particular to unblock it.

Specifically, to let a brawler use their Star Power, they need to reach Power Level 9. To increase power up to that point, first of all you have to get those Power Points. They are inside Brawl Boxes, Big Boxes and Mega Boxes.

We’re going to go over how to get Boxes:

  • Brawl Boxes: you need 100 standard tokens, you get them from events, depending on the event and how well you do.
  • Big Boxes: you get one Big Box for every 10 Star Tokens. You get a Star Token the first time you win a daily event.
  • Mega Boxes: you can buy Mega Boxes in the game store for gems, which you find in Brawl Boxes and Big Boxes or buy with real money.

It’s worth saying that Star Powers are not special talents that are activated (like Brawlers’ supers), but passive features that change the action of the character in the game.

And by the way, as well as reaching Power Level 9, you need to get a Special Star Token, which you can find in Brawl Boxes. Given everything I’ve said, you can see that in Brawl Stars nothing is easy or quick. You have to be prepared to be patient to unblock these Powers.