Who is the best tank in Brawl Stars: Bull, El Primo, Frank or Darryl

In Brawl Stars there is a special class of brawlers with more health than the others, the ability to deal much more damage in each attack… and also less agility to move round the map. These characters are called tanks or heavyweights.

In this short guide, we’re going to look at four of them. Frank, Bull, El Primo and Darryl. These brawlers are the ones you’re most like to come across in the game (you may see Frank less, though, since he is an Epic Brawler); and so they are the ones you’re most likely to be handling. The pros and cons of each of them are described in what follows.

Frank, the one who deals most damage

Like a little Frankenstein’s monster, armed with an enormous sledgehammer that he has no hesitation in using to crush his enemies, Frank is definitely the strongest of the four. It’s down to being an Epic Brawler, which lets you play a brawler who is at the top level for power.

Let’s talk about what makes him special: with each hammer blow, Frank fires off a blast of balls of energy which do a lot of damage at short to medium range. As if that wasn’t enough, his super stuns enemies for a few seconds, so they can be finished off while they’re stunned. If you play your cards right, you can launch special attack after special attack; his counter fills up quicker than the other heavyweights.

On the other hand, he’s just as slow as he is powerful. Frank is by a long way the least agile of all the tanks. If you don’t learn how to time his attacks, you’ll spend more timing reappearing then fighting.

Bull, the easiest to find

Almost all players of Brawl Stars have Bull in their brawler gallery, since you can unblock him with just 250 trophies. He’s like Shelly on steroids, but with a few differences. To begin with, this brawler deals damage at short and mid-range.

The next thing to note about Bull is his amazing health: he is a sponge that can soak up lots of shots before succumbing. His two-barrel shotgun blasts can do a lot of damage from certain power levels (except for Frank, we really think he is the most reliable when you are starting out).

The biggest drawback, for me, is when you try to use his super — he rushes round at top speed without causing a lot of damage. I only recommend Bull for very specific scenarios like Duel or Heist.

Darryl, the sniper with two rifles

Of all the heavyweights, Darryl is the one with the greatest fire power. He is also one of the fastest, and very effective at short and medium range. Those are all the good things that we can say about him.

The bad starts with his low health and a slow rate of fire, as well as a super in which he turns into a barrel that bounces against obstacles to reach enemies (and which is incredibly difficult to control). I don’t recommend Darryl at all.

El Primo, lethal at short range

In this case, let me do things in the reverse order and start with the negatives: El Primo can only attack at short range. The good thing is that when things get personal, he is absolutely unstoppable; he catches an enemy near you, he hits him a few times (his attack is with bare hands) and you will be amazed at how quickly they fall.

He is the heavyweight with the fastest rate of fire. Each flurry of blows rains down on a foe, without you having to think too hard about timing. He is also pretty agile for a tank and his health and damage resistance aren’t bad.

His super is a jumping elbow strike (if you’re fan of MMA you may recognize it as an elbow drop) which does a lot of damage in the immediate area. If you find some enemies underneath, you’re sure to have time to finish several of them off before they kill you. He is by a long way the most balanced and versatile brawler.


From my experience and going on what we know, El Primo is certainly the best. You can pick him in almost any scenario, you can use him to defend, to bump up your kill list, to gather gems, win duels and even open Strong Boxes. Whatever you need, El Primo’s your man.

Don’t forget that his balanced characteristics make him the easiest to control. You don’t have to learn any special controls to play him, and his rate of fire won’t let you down when the going gets tough.

The fact that he is one of the quickest brawlers in his class can be useful to help you get under cover before it’s too late, something to bear in mind depending on the scenario. If you are thinking of going up a level in terms of heavyweights, go for it and upgrade to El Primo.