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Build a Bridge for Android smartphones will turn you into a real engineer who has to build bridges that put up with all the traffic of trucks and cars

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The name of this game can't fool anyone. Build a Bridge is just what it says it is: a game in which your target is to become an engineer in charge of building bridges that have to cope with cars and trucks.

The game's approach is the following: a cliff and a vehicle that wants to cross over to the other side. You'll be able to make use of different construction materials that you can use to build a bridge to get that car or truck over to the other side. You'll obviously start off with some simple stuff that will soon get more and complicated as you advance.

Experiment and build without worries

You'll have to bear in mind the laws of physics when it comes to reinforcing your construction with beams and abutments to cope with the weight of the traffic. If your bridge can't cope or you run out of material, leaving gaps, they vehicles will end up falling off the edge and you won't be able to complete the screen.

The planning stage takes place in two dimensions, during which you'll have to choose the bridge's material. With your finger, you'll be able to place them and fit them together with total freedom. Don't be afraid of experimenting and becoming the next Frank Gehry of bridges... provided that you don't become Calatrava. Build the most extravagant construction as possible.

Stick to practicality or become an extravagant engineer.

Once ready, move over to the 3D mode and watch how the vehicles ride over it. If you fail, you'll be able to see how the car or truck in question falls off the edge of the screen.

  • Different construction materials such as wood, steel, cables or concrete.
  • 36 levels of increasing difficulty.
  • Wide range of scenarios full of interactive elements.
  • Several cars to play with.
  • Realistic physics behavior.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.1.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
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