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CandyCraft is a MOD for Minecraft with which you can caramelise all your surroundings. Sweeten your game experience in the sandbox adventure game type


Turn Minecraft into a candy world

October 25, 2019
7 / 10

Among the great number of keys to the success of Minecraft are the customization possibilities that this video game offers when you download and install MODs. One of them is CandyCraft, which is able to turn the world around you into a sweet world.

More than a MOD with aesthetic modifications

This MOD allows you to have creatures, building materials and blocks with names and textures of candies: chocolate bars, jelly beans, cotton candies… that is to say, that wherever you go you will see candy and sweets, kind of a dentist's paradise (he would make a large profit with the number of cavities to fill).

However, it not only is an aesthetic modification, many of these materials have a real purpose in the game. For example, there are candy blocks that soften the impact whenever you fall into them.

To install this MOD you need to use Minecraft Forge assistant, the tool that will allow you to use it.

Requirements and additional information:

  • It requires Java and Mineraft Forge, the assistant for the installation of MODs.
Elies Guzmán

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María Eugenia Morón

María Eugenia Morón