Cargo! The Quest for Gravity

Download Cargo! The Quest for Gravity and help the Buddies to recovery gravity with a bit of humor. Cargo! The Quest for Gravity is an original title


Recover the lost gravity in this innovating title

May 20, 2011
6 / 10

In Cargo! The Quest for Gravity you will control Flawkes, an engineer that has to try to help the Buddies, the creatures that now populate Earth, that has seen its land reduced to a small knot of islands. All this has been the fault of the gods, that as a penalty to the excesses that have taken place over the years have negated gravity in all the known world.

It will be up to you to reestablish the natural order of things. To do so you will have to handle and help Flawkes to solve all kinds of puzzles and riddles and help the Buddies that, with a touch of humor (they move around kicking each other in the butt), will be able to recover gravity.

Cargo! The Quest for Gravity is an extremely addictive game. Its graphics have a very high quality and the originality of the game is beyond any doubt. Now take control of Flawkes and start helping these small creatures to recover their normal activity by getting rid of the curse that is affecting this archipelago of islands.

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Scott McLure