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CreativeNotes is a tool to take notes in proper order. Download CreativeNotes and improve the structure of your annotations using colors and boxes


Create safe and organized notes for PC and Pocket PC

April 7, 2020
6 / 10

If you usually take notes of your ideas and thoughts, CreativeNotes is a tool that will help you to do this in an organized way. Its innovating system allows us to store our thought and ideas as diagrams, organizing each note with a list of vignettes, with all the points set out in groups so that they match the information's structure in the rest of the table.

A faithful and discrete partner to take notes

To clearly differentiate its structure, we can use different vignettes, text or background, and even includes various verifiable squares, something that is perfect to create a list of tasks or simply write down the shopping list. CreativeNotes communicates perfectly with its twin application for Pocket PC, in such a way that documents written on a PC can be synchronized with mobile devices, and vice-versa.Thus, you can instantly write down and organize your ideas or check earlier notes regardless of where they are stored. And if the indiscreet glances are paying attention to you¡r hard drive, you can protect your notes by means of passwords, using the same encryption technology that many army forces as many countries.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires Active Sync to communicate with a mobile device.
  • This is a trial version with certain limitations.
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