Task Managers, Lists and Notes for Windows

A selection of the best tools to manage your outstanding tasks, write notes and draw up lists of things to be done from your Windows computer

Evernote English

Capture your ideas as notes

Microsoft Sticky Notes English

Sticky notes for your PC's desktop

Focus To-Do 11.0 English

Manage your productivity with the help of the Pomodoro technique

Trello English

Organize pending tasks and ideas

Post It Notes 3.1 English

Program to create virtual post-its and notes

MetaMoJi Note Lite English

Keep all your ideas and notes

Microsoft To-Do 2.29.32883.0 English
Microsoft To-Do 2.29.32883.0

An efficient task manager designed by Microsoft

Sticky Notes 8 English
Sticky Notes 8

Stick digital notes all over your screen

Glass Notepad 2.0 English

A notepad with transparencies

Notion 0.6.2151 English
Notion 3.1.0

Advanced task, list and note management for PC

Simple Sticky Notes 5.3 English

Program to create notes and reminders

Stickies 10.1b English
Stickies 10.1b

Digital version of the classic office Post-It

Airtable 3.6.0 English
Airtable 1.5.0

Application for the management of business projects

MyLifeOrganized 5.1.1 English

An efficient task manager for Windows

Seacow English

Integrate task and contact management

Todoist 1.0.8 English
Todoist 1.0.8

Create and complete task lists

GTD-Free 0.6 English

Full control over all pending tasks

NixNote 2.0.2 English
NixNote 2.0.2

Open source version of Evernote

Wunderlist 3.19.7 English
Wunderlist 3.19.7

Useful and simple task manager

LeaderTask 14.6.1 English
LeaderTask 14.6.1

Personal task organizer

XorTime English

Manage your tasks and the time you spend on them

iQ-Notes 6.0.0 English
iQ-Notes 6.0.0

Create notes with ease and organize all your tasks

InfraDrive Digital Diary 4.6 English

Complete personal diary with many tools

RedNotebook 2.21 English

A personal diary with dozens of interesting options

CherryTree English

Save your notes with this complete program

pin 'em up 0.5 English

The best software to create notes and reminders on your PC

CreativeNotes 4.0.1339 English
CreativeNotes 4.0.1339

Create safe and organized notes for PC and Pocket PC

TickTick English

Teamwork oriented task manager

Hive 1.4.8 English
Hive 1.4.8

Software for the management of work groups

MeisterTask 2.99 English

Team-oriented task manager

Basecamp 4.8.4 English
Basecamp 2.2.10

Effective task manager for teleworking

Turtl English

Task and notes manager focused on privacy

Efficient Lady's Organizer 5.60.559 English

Personal organizer focused towards women

Flowkeeper 12/2010 English
Flowkeeper 12/2010

Manage to finish all your tasks on time

GeeTeeDee 0.2.642 English
GeeTeeDee 0.2.642

A different task manager

Google Tasks English

Control Google Tasks from your desktop

Pagico 10 English
Pagico 10

Very functional task planner