Simple Sticky Notes


Simple Sticky Notes is a simple tool that's perfectly integrated into the system with which you can create all sorts of notes and reminders on your PC

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It's quite usual that when working on our PC, especially when we browse the Internet, we want to take notes about anything that we may want to remember in the future. A quick and simple way of doing so is with Simple Sticky Notes.

An intuitive system to create notes and reminders.

This program provides us with a fast and simple way of drawing up reminders. Once installed, it becomes a fully comprehensive part of our operating system in order to integrate into the activity that we're carrying out on our computer, offering great customization options for the user.

Main features of Sticky Notes

  • Complete Unicode support.
  • Enriched text support.
  • Possibility to change colors.
  • Regulate the opacity.
  • Option to print notes.
  • Functions to share notes with our contacts.
  • Create reminders with alarms for your notes.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Simple Sticky Notes
6 months ago
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