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Effective task manager for teleworking

March 10, 2022
8 / 10

Teleworking is now much easier than it was a few years ago thanks to the development of technologies such as those related to improved communications or the cloud. Tools such as Basecamp have benefited from them, a multi-platform application that helps members of the same team perform the tasks associated with a project together regardless of their location.

Cloud management of your team and projects

If you manage a company, this tool comes to solve many of the problems that may arise in the organization of work. Here, you will find a way to create a profile to associate different projects, users, tasks, dates, documents, communications, and more. You will be able to organize the whole workflow by linking it to the team members and managing the communication emanating from each of them.

These are the main features we can find in this tool:

  • Create a profile for your company and link different projects to it.
  • You can invite other members and set the level of access they have to each of the projects they are part of.
  • Control the management and assignment of tasks.
  • Centralize all communication in one place: internal messages, notifications, changes, and more.
  • Check the history of changes made to different tasks.
  • Share files and documents.
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