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TickTick is the perfect task manager application for work groups. Users will be able to manage and control the workflows of all your team projects


Teamwork oriented task manager

April 11, 2023
7 / 10

Creating task lists is very useful to better organize work and improve productivity. And if it's useful for your own personal projects, however small, why not use them for more ambitious business projects?

An advanced and simple collaborative task manager

If you have to manage the different tasks involved in one or several projects, you will find that TickTick is an easy but useful tool that will help you in this purpose. You will be able to control all taks and everything rlated to their preparation and execution. And the best thing is that you can do it as a group, including those who participate as it is a multiplatform app, accessible from several computers as well as cell phone.

It has a minimalist interface that eliminates any distraction and helps to focus on the tasks. The way users interact with the app is also very straightforward as the actions required to create tasks, lists, reminders, etc. are reduced to a minimum.

These are the main features this app has to offer:

  • Add tasks quickly manually or by voice command.
  • Turn emails into tasks.
  • Set deadlines and plan the duration of each task.
  • Create reminders that even include locations.
  • Recover recurring tasks.
  • Organize all content using tasks and sub-tasks, lists, tags, etc. in a smart way.
  • Access different calendar views.
  • Focus on your tasks with the Pomodoro timer.
  • Collaborate with other users by sharing projects and assigning tasks.
  • Monitor your time.
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Susana Arjona