GeeTeeDee isn't a common task manager. After you download GeeTeeDee free you will have a lot more control over the tasks that you have pending completion

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One of the most widely spread methods in the latest years in what refers to pending task management is commonly known by its abbreviation GTD (Get Things Done), that doesn't center on the creation of a priority list, on the contrary it consists on the creation of a list with all the pending tasks, like you will be able to do with GeeTeeDee.

Easy and quick access

The main idea behind this methodology and at the same time GeeTeeDee, is to be able to center on the task that is taking place at a given moment, without having to worry about the rest of pending tasks, thus offering the user quick access to be able to view the he has pending and to the creation of new tasks.

To be able to differentiate the tasks that are related with a specific field of action (home, work, bank,...) GeeTeeDee also allows the creation of specific likes that can be customized by the user, with the possibility to even choose an icon to view it graphically, without having to read any text.

Therefore, if you want to center your efforts on the task at hand, you only have to download GeeTeeDee. And remember, according to the GTD method a task that can be completed in less the two minutes is a, do it now task!

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