Pagico is a task planner that allows to have absolute control over all the tasks to be completed. Download Pagico to plan how to use your time effectively


Very functional task planner

December 12, 2023
9 / 10

The management of available time is something very important, especially at company level, because you have to control the tasks to be completed and also when they are due. To be able to manage all of this you can use Pagico.

An advanced task manager

Pagico is a very advanced task planner that includes all the tools that the user may need when it comes to establishing the dates when a task is due, distribute the time available and manage the alerts for each of the appointments and meetings.

The design is at the same time very elegant and practical, because by means of a side menu it will be possible to access each part of the programme, so that it will be possible to access the central area of the application where there is a calendar on which you will be able to see all the tasks, or jump directly to the editions of each part of the project without any complications.

Pagico uses a practical tag system to be able to centralize all the information of a project in a single place, so that by selecting a tag the user will be able to quickly access all the elements that have also been tagged.

Download Pagico Professional to your computer to be able to improve how you plan your tasks.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial period lasts for 15 days.
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