Dirty Split


Dirty Split is a graphic adventure with a police theme that will really get you involved. Download Dirty Split free now and find Bedford's assassin


Great free graphic adventure about the detective fiction genre

June 22, 2011
8 / 10

In a moment in which it is difficult to find quality graphic adventures, even paying, we find this interesting video game: Dirty Split, which will delight those nostalgic players that miss the style of the classic Lucas Arts graphic adventures.

Graphical adventure in which you have to solve a crime

Dirty Split is an excellent 2D graphic adventure, with a detective story plot set in the decade of the 60s, developed by the German company: Dreamagination. It stands out to how easy it is to use and its playability. No complicated controls, it is only necessary to click a couple of times with the mouse to get control of the game.

In this adventure, you will take the role of Alan Baxter, a private detective, that will have to solve the strange death of Doctor Bedford. It seems like a simple case, except for one reason, the person accused of the murder of this plastic surgeon is innocent. Will you manage to solve the mystery and find the culprit?

Download this graphical adventure right now and play totally free of charge.

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