Don't Sleep


Don't Sleep avoids that your computer turns off all of a sudden. Download Don't Sleep free to protect your PC from hibernation or unwanted reboots


Avoid that your computer turns off without you wanting it to do so

February 11, 2022
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On some occasions, an unexpected system reboot caused, for example, by the installation of a new application or an error, can ruin our current download or the changes we have applied to a document or the files with which we are working.

Avoid losing unsaved work

To avoid that this kind of situation from happening in which you lose control of your PC, you have Don't Sleep. It is a utility that blocks the shutdown, reboot, stand by, turn off and hibernation processes during a period that the user has to predetermined.

Furthermore, Don't Sleep is also capable of impeding that your system logs off, your screen turns off or the screensaver activates. Thus, without having to modify any of your system configuration's parameters, you will be able to avoid certain actions taking place on your computer. Avoid unpleasant surprises due to an unexpected turn off when you are working with your PC.

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