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Driver Updater is a very useful tool to keep your computer stable and in perfect conditions. Use it to automate the update and installation of drivers


Application to automatically update drivers on Windows

April 27, 2023
8 / 10

Updating your operating system's drivers shouldn't be a complicated task... especially if you download any of the programs capable of doing so automatically, as is the case of Driver Updater by TweakBits. This company has already released several programs to optimize and improve the performance of our PC, and this driver update software is one of them.

You already know what a driver is, don't you? It's the software capable of connecting and making the physical and logical units understand each other. For instance, they allow you to send commands to your printer, make it possible that your video card shows graphics on your screen, and help you to write with your keyboard. Each hardware element can have its own driver and sometimes they need updating.

Avoid problems by having your drivers updated.

Main features and functions

This program basically helps you to forget about your drivers because it automatically scans them all to see which ones need updating. These are its main functions:

  • Scans and updates all your drivers: it scans your computer on a regular basis to find in Windows all those drivers that are outdated or missing. It has access to a database with over 200.000 drivers so that you can be sure that it will find the one you need.
  • Save time: you'll avoid having to muck around on the Internet trying to find an online repository and it's much more efficient because it finds exactly the driver you need.
  • Faster and more stable operating system: each new driver release offers new functions, therefore, your hardware components can end up working better. By updating them, you'll manage to prevent system errors and compatibility problems.

This trial version can be downloaded for free but some of its functions have been restricted. If you want to get hold of the pro or full version with all the options enabled, you'll have to pay to receive a serial number. It might be worth it.

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