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Easy Flyer Creator will allow you to easily create various kinds of print outs. If you need a flyer, with Easy Flyer Creator you can have it in five minutes


Edit and print your own handouts very easily

September 3, 2015
6 / 10

Easy Flyer Creator is a tool that will save you time and money when it comes to designing several kinds of flyers. The application has a large amount of templates so that you can create your own handouts in a reduced amount of time. The majority of people have needed a flyer or publicity print out to let people know about a service or event, and haven't known where to start. Easy Flyer Creator will make things easier for them.

To create your handout you only have to follow the three steps that Easy Flyer Creator indicates. When you launch the application you'll see a list with all the types of print outs that it can create. When you find the one that adapts best to your needs, you'll have to move on to the following step: the design.

Easy Flyer Creator will allow you to easily modify the templates. You'll only have to select each element and change it for your own. Furthermore, you'll be able to change the size, color and shadowing of each text and image. And once you have completed the full process, you will have your flyer ready to be printed or to be sent by email.

Easy Flyer Creator is a simple way to create flyers in only five minutes.

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