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EasyBCD provides options to customize the startup of Windows. Download EasyBCD for free on your computer and enjoy this simple startup manager for Windows


Configure your PC's booting process

November 16, 2023
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EasyBCD is a utility that makes it possible to configure some of the most interesting parameters of the system startup. Using a compact user-friendly interface, it offers us the possibility to modify options that are related to the Windows startup, something that would be otherwise rather difficult to do.

If you have various operating systems installed on your computer, we are sure that this application will come in very handy, because it makes it much easier to configure the PC booting and to control all the processes that load together with your operating system.

Among the features of EasyBCD you will be able to find:

  • Configuration of the system's boot menu, choosing the order in which we want the different operating systems that we have installed to appear, as well as the time that the menu will be visible.
  • Add new entries to this menu indicating the priority of each of the added operating systems.
  • Carry out backups of the boot.
  • Create bootable external devices.
  • Access to system utilities like the command line terminal, the control panel or the system backup utility.

If you want to have the best system boot manager around, download EasyBCD.

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