Eat the Whistle


Eat the Whistle is a football video game that will have you playing for hours on end. Download Eat the Whistle for free and enjoy this simple football game

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Each day we find more realistic football games for our computers, franchises like Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA place all their effort on more realistic graphics and playability, but we can also find tiles like Eat the Whistle, that presents a lot less realistic alternative and with an easier playability.

  This last title can be played on any computer (even those that don't have the power and features of the latest computers), it allows us to play the most important international tournaments, it has dozens of teams from all over the world and we'll have the opportunity to compete with other users from all over the world on the Internet.

  Even though its playability and graphics are much simpler, Eat the Whistle has many details and different playing modes, allowing us to carry out anything that has to do with our teams tactics, choose between more than 30 stadiums or save our best movements, to be able to view them when we want.

  If you want a game that is simple to play, that can be played on almost any computer and that's also totally free, you have to try out Eat the Whistle.
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