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Would you be able to break out of prison and help your mates in the escape? Find it out in Escape Masters, a colorful game application for Android devices

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Prison breaks are one of the most recurrent themes in Hollywood movies. Star your own escape in this fun arcade from the Playgendary Limited studio, that offers quick games and a nice sense of humor.

The longed-for path to freedom

So your main mission in Escape Masters will be to escape from the prison or banks you robbed and get to your escape car. And you can do it by digging in the ground. To do this, you will have to draw with your finger on the screen the route to follow, giving you a very pleasant experience.

Escaping from prison is funnier than ever.

Also, along the way, you can pick up various items (such as keys and gold bars) and rescue other inmates. The more inmates get to the escape car, the more points you get.

One of the coolest things about this game is that every time you complete a level, you can see your newly liberated characters performing a popular dance, like the famous 'Gangnam Style'. The downside? Well, if you play with an internet connection, the ads become annoying.

On the other hand, you can unlock a wide range of new vehicles between games. And you can also build a mansion to your liking, being able to choose from several options for each element that you place.

So, this is an original and fun game that offers us a nice and addictive experience with lots of humor. Take part in crazy escapes and never leave a mate behind!

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Playgendary Limited
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