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Escape the prison adventure is a puzzle game for Android in which your goal is to escape from the cell in which you're locked up, using different objects

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Are you familiar with games of the likes of Can you escape or Escape the prison room? This is an Android game with a similar concept in which we'll have to escape from the prison cell where we're locked up. Presented a typical point and click adventure game, we'll have to face up to each room, trying to use all the objects at our reach with different purposes.

Try to crack into the computer system

In Escape the prison adventure you'll come up against the guards that have to keep an eye on you and the computer systems that will try to prevent you from getting out. The objects you'll come across will help you to complete different steps, and the rest of inmates can provide you with valuable information for your target.

You'll have to solve different puzzles, some of which will require logic and wit, especially those that have to do with deactivating and hacking computers and electronic devices that stop us from getting out.

A great combination of puzzles and adventures.

The app developed by Rabbit Bay Games is an entertaining game the solution of which isn't easy or foreseeable. You might even have to resort to the typical guide with cheats and tips to pass the game. However, from level 1 you'll be able to assess the title's difficulty and gameplay and find out how to play this particular version of Escape from Alcatraz.

Once you download and install its APK, you'll soon realize that it isn't as stunning as GTA 5 and its escape from prison with a bus or a plane. Here things are much quieter...

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.
Rabbit Bay Games
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