If we use Facebook Messenger regularly, we may get lots of notifications. This situation, throughout the day, can end up being a drawback. Messenger notifications can be easily disabled. Here are two ways to do it.

How to disable notifications for a particular chat on Facebook Messenger

The flood of notifications may only come from one particular contact. To silence it, follow these steps. Open Messenger and make a long tap on the chat you want to mute.

Open the conversation’s menuOpen the conversation’s menu

In the drop-down menu that will appear, tap on Mute notifications.

Mute the chat in MessengerMute the chat in Messenger

Then choose how long you want to silence that contact. If you want to do it indefinitely, choose Until I turn it back on.

Disable chat notifications for as long as you wantDisable chat notifications for as long as you want

Starting at this point, an icon will appear on the right side of the muted conversation indicating that notifications are disabled.

Muted notifications indicatorMuted notifications indicator

How to disable all Facebook Messenger notifications

Facebook Messenger lets you disable all notifications for up to 24 hours. However, if you want to pause all notifications indefinitely, the most recommended method is the one offered by the operating system itself. Therefore, look for the Messenger icon on your phone and make a long tap on it. Tap on App info.

App infoApp info

Open the Notifications section.

Android’s notification sectionAndroid’s notification section

Once inside, disabling the slider next to Show notifications will remove all notifications from Facebook Messenger.

Disable notifications foreverDisable notifications forever

However, Android lets you be more selective. Therefore, it is possible to deactivate the chat, group, and stories notifications individually.

Disable groups of notificationsDisable groups of notifications

If we slide to the end of this screen, it is possible to access some additional notification settings in the application itself. To do this, select Additional settings in the app.

Open other notification settingsOpen other notification settings

From here, in addition to temporarily disabling notifications, we can change the sound that the application emits when we receive a call or a message. Also, it lets us choose whether we want to preview the content in the notifications or not.

Additional notification settingsAdditional notification settings

This way, you will not receive new notifications from the app.