Download Flowplayer and insert a Flash format video player on your website. Frame videos and attach watermarks with your web's logo with Flowplayer

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Flowplayer is a free solution to play videos on your web page, being compatible with any browser. It's a Flash format file player that you will be able to integrate into your site, with an elegant and sober design.

Some of the features of Flowplayer

  • Complete configuration by means of JavaScript.
  • Supports the most used formats on the Internet, such as FLV, SWF, MP3, H.264 and MP4.
  • Fullscreen playback.

All your videos with your web's logo

With Flowplayer you'll also be able to insert the logo of your website into the video player, and furthermore, it supports publicity on the latter. And if this weren't enough, it's totally compatible with all browsers, thus, you'll be sure that everyone will be able to watch your videos.

The best way to insert a watermark automatically.

If you're looking for a video player for your website that complies with its design, you have to download Flowplayer because it's the best option and, better still, it's totally free.

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Antony Peel
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