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Free AVI Movie Player is a very customizable video player. Download Free AVI Movie Player for free and discover the versatility of this great player


A very versatile video player

July 23, 2009
8 / 10

Hyplay Free AVI Movie Player is a free AVI video player that is different from any other that you have seen up to now, that stands out due to its atypical interface. It's totally customizable, and you can move it all over the screen. Another of its advantages is the help button, that illuminates the controls identifying what each one of them is for.

Complete and versatile video players

This player is compatible with a wide range of formats, among which we must highlight AVI (Video for Windows), ASF, ASX, WMF (Windows Media Format), MOV (QuickTime), RM (RealPlayer), MPG and MPEG (MPEG 1 format), MP2 (MPEG 2 format), DivX,... Another of its features is the possibility to add skins that change its appearance to our own liking. By default, it includes two: Trash and Smooth.

The objective of Hyplay is to provide a player that improves the user experience in multimedia playback. Furthermore, according to its developers, it doesn't contain any adware or spyware. So, download Hyplay Free AVI Movie Player, and check it out for yourself.

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