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Download Free Pascal free to compile your programs in Pascal. With Free Pascal you can fix any error that may arise while you develop your applications

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The Pascal language was first created to make it easier for students to learn how to program, but as time went by, it started to get used in professional environments. Even though, nowadays, Pascal is used a lot less than a few years ago, it's still necessary to study it in the Information Technology educational field at University.

Open-source Pascal compiler

Can you imagine a free professional Pascal compiler? Well, that's exactly what Free Pascal offers, an essential tool for the developers that work with this programming language that received its name in honor of the renowned mathematician of the 17th century.

The use of Free Pascal is focused on the debugging process that occurs during any application development. Among its main advantages is the high compatibility that it offers with Turbo Pascal.

To be able to use this compiler in a more pleasant and manageable fashion it is convenient to have Lazarus installed, that will provide a graphical interface from which to be able to access the options of Free Pascal.

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