FreeProxy shares your Internet connection with the computers on your local network. Download FreeProxy for free and manage Internet access without a router

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Users that have several computers in their house and have an Internet connection, usually use a WiFi router to provide Internet access to all the computers in the household. This is without a doubt the most practical and simple option. But, if you don't want to spend money buying a router or you simply want to try something on your local network, download FreeProxy.

Application to share your Internet connection with your home network computers

FreeProxy is a professional application designed to configure the connections of the computers connected to a local network, managing the shared use of the Internet connection, as well as the printers and certain folders.

This free application also allows you to protect the access to certain Internet sites, block URLs, IP directions, ports, ... and offers an interesting report system, that is customizable, and is available in W3C or XML format, and stores diverse information about visited sites, denied access attempts, visited web sites, how many times each user has accessed...

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