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Travel to space and conquer the stars in the Galaxy Battleship app, a fantastic science fiction game for Android where we will manage a space station


Conquer the universe from your space station

May 14, 2021
8 / 10

The Bekko Games studio invites us to travel into space by downloading the APK file of this strategy game. Our mission? To manage a starbase and its space fleet.

Galactic strategy and beautiful graphics

Galaxy Battleship is an interesting game of strategy and resource management where we must conquer the universe from our space station to explore the cosmos and create a new civilization. The mechanics of this game are very similar to other games of the genre, such as Clash of Kings, but changing the middle age for science fiction scenarios.

The universe is yours to conquer.

Thus, we will have to add new space modules to our base, build and improve facilities to produce resources, wisely manage these resources, and recruit troops for our space fleet. However, we will not be able to start building crazily, since we will have to wait a certain time between one construction and another.

Also, this game has multiplayer elements, letting us establish alliances with other players. On the other hand, the graphics (and especially the character design) are a marvel. If we like the genre and the post-apocalyptic stories of science fiction, this game is a sure hit.

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