GetWindowText is a small portable application capable of showing the contents of a window. View how a specific window is structured with GetWindowTex


Access the information about any window

April 28, 2021
7 / 10

When it comes to programing an application you may be interested in access the structure that has been used for the window or another program or menu, and to access this information you can use GetWindowText.

Very easy-to-use

Using GetWindowText is extremely easy:

  1. Because it is portable and thus doesn't require to be installed to use it, you will only have to extract the executable from the compressed file in the folder of your choice.
  2. It is only necessary to mover the mouse to be able to access the information in which you are interested. Simply click and drag the GetWindowText icon to the window that you want to obtain the information about.

The options offered by GetWindowText aren't many, and the two most important of them are the possibility to be able to view the application's window always on top and to minimize to the system tray instead of closing the application.

Therefore, if you want to access the information of how an application or the systems window has been structured, download GetWindowText.

Héctor Hernández

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Scott McLure