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Gnumeric is a complete spreadsheet compatible with Excel and similar. Use the XML format and work with XLS files on your computer. Download Gnumeric free


A completely open source spreadsheet

June 23, 2020
6 / 10

Gnumeric is one of the many alternatives available when it comes to choosing an application to handle spreadsheets. This project took form within the GNOME, the renowned window manager. Being a very elegant software application, the truth be told, it can rival perfectly with Excel if we don't have to perform advanced tasks or those that are specific to the Microsoft application.

Open source spreadsheets

Even though this software was originally developed for Linux, it has to be said that it works perfectly on any Windows system. Quick, efficient and free are three of the main reasons why Gnumeric should be taken into account.

The open source version of Excel.

Gnumeric is compatible with Excel, Applix, Quattro Pro, PlanPerfect, Sylk, DIF, Oleo, SC, StarOffice,, and Lotus 1-2-3 because it uses the XML format to save its files, but it can also open the ever present XLS. Unfortunately, it still doesn't support macros, something that advanced users will surely miss.

But if what you want to do is generate graphs, calculate and maintain a spreadsheet, Gnumeric is a powerful enough application.

Antony Peel

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