Green Moon

Green Moon is a video game with which you will be able to travel in time. Download Green Moon to discover the secrets of each period and solve puzzles

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If you are fan of logic games and the classic graphic adventure games, you will like Green Moon. It is a video game in which you will have to solve lots of puzzles by using your wit and also use each object you find in each map with certain logic.

  Green Moon make one of humanities dreams true: to travel through time to get to known different Time periods. To do so, it introduces the player into a trip full of adventures, where reality is mixed with fantasy and magic with science. This video game will take you to more than 300 different locations in approximately 50 hours of game play. What's more, during your voyage you will have to solve 8 original minigames.

  The games story takes place in a world, known as "The Moon", that is formed by more than 180 territories. With the tool known as "Moon Navigator" you will be able to get your bearings, and find the adventures objective. You should also check the book "Children of the Moon" because it will give you good clues, that will help you to accomplish each mission. Another element that you will need during the course of this video game is the pot in which your will create your potions and concoctions. The basic actions that you can perform in this video game are: identify and pick up objects, move around the map or perform a detailed examination of a scenario.

  Discover the past and the future, while you exercise your grey matter, with Green Moon.
Requirements and additional information:
You can enjoy this demo for 1 hour.
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