Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 is without any doubt a game that set precedents within its genre. Download Half-Life 2 and live new adventures as the famous Gordon Freeman

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There are games that manage to set a milestone in the world of video games, and Half-Life was undoubtedly one of them, actually receiving the title of “best computer game in history”. And of course, as will the majority of games that manage to gain such attention it received a sequel, in this case Half-Life 2.

Cooked slowly

Unlike what tends to happen with the second part of many other games, Valve took their time in the development of the sequel, working secretly on a new graphic engine that would allow them to launch a product that was really spectacular.

To such an extent, that six years went by between the launch of the first instalment until Half-Life 2 was finally released, but if there is something that the fans of this saga know for sure, it has to be that the wait was well worth it.

Expanding horizons

Just as with its predecessor, in Half-Life 2 the players will control Gordon Freeman from a first person perspective, and will have to advance along the game to be able to uncover the game's weird plot.

Exceptional graphics

The creation of the new Source game engine provided Half-Life 2 with a great potential in comparison with its rivals, with the possibility to offer graphics with a quality that hadn't been seen until then.

Download Half-Life 2 and discover this great game.

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