Mafia 2

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Download Mafia 2, a third-person action game based on the fearsome Sicilian Mafia of the decade of the 50's. Become part of the Mafia family in Mafia 2


Become part of the Sicilian Mafia of the 50's

February 18, 2013
8 / 10

Have you ever thought about joining the Mafia? Mafia 2 is the second part of this saga of games in which you personify a member of the Sicilian Mafia during the 50's.

Welcome to the family

Mafia 2 is a third-person action game full of the shoot-outs and fights that are so typical in the Cosa Nostra. You'll become Vito Scaletta, a young man who has come to America with his family, and that, to escape from poverty, decides to get involved in one of the largest and most violent organised crime groups.

Family comes first.

The action is developed in the fictitious city of Empire Bay. Move around the 15 districts and 3 suburbs available completing the missions you've been entrusted, together with your best friend, Joe Barbaro.

Features of Mafia 2

  • Faithful recreation of the time and its atmosphere.
  • Mixture of movie and video game.
  • State-of-the-art 2K Czech graphics engine.
  • Deal with 3 different families of the Mafia.
  • City as twice as big as in the first instalment.

Give it the best you've got as an extortioner. Bribe the police, face rival clans and fulfil all your aims to rise in the hierarchy of the dangerous criminal world by downloading Mafia 2.

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