Overwatch 2

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Overwatch 2 is a team-based shooter, set in a future full of heroes, that takes the successful concept initially launched in 2016 to a whole new level


A hero shooter where teamwork is key

March 21, 2024
9 / 10

Blizzard is back with a multiplayer action FPS. We are talking about Overwatch 2 for PC, where you will be part of a team whose mission is to save a world in conflict. When you download Overwatch 2, you will discover a shooter with spectacular graphics where you will be part of a team of six players that will confront another team in offensive or defensive tasks.

The original Overwatch hit the market in 2016 and turned everything upside down. This was a comprehensive cooperative, team-based shooter with tons of content that, after switching to the free-to-play format, reached its perfect maturity with Overwatch 2.

It's hero time!

Playing Overwatch 2 for PC means playing a title that structures its mechanics and content around teamwork. Hence the importance of its complete roster of champions in the different existing modalities and the 5v5 confrontations. But it does not stop there:

  • Enjoy a free-to-play cooperative shooter where teamwork is everything.
  • Cross-play between different platforms.
  • A multitude of extraordinary heroes with unique abilities.
  • A benchmark in the current eSports scene with several competitions.
  • Spectacular and colorful 3D graphics in full detail.
  • Complete assortment of maps and locations to make every match a unique experience.

A cooperative, fresh, dynamic, and fun experience.

After overcoming the controversy of going from the original to a free-to-play game, Activision Blizzard's hero shooter is presented as a perfect alternative for those who like an oversaturated genre where everyone seems to be copying others. Now, it is time to download Overwatch 2 for PC for free and jump into the team action!

Powerful team-based multiplayer action

The action of Overwatch 2 for PC takes place in the middle of a global crisis that caused dangerous armed clashes between different factions. An international force tries to restore peace by recruiting soldiers, scientists, and adventurers who believe in their cause.

Join a special forces team.

In the game you will have to select a character among the different heroes you can choose, considering that each has unique skills and abilities. Each of these characters is endowed with special abilities.

The playing style of each one is different, making it a challenge to master each and every one of their skills. No two characters are alike, some can travel through time, while others attack with a rocket hammer.

Your character choice will change your gameplay

As we said, each hero has special abilities. Your choice will condition the way you play and your relationship with the rest of the team. The roles you can fulfill as a player include:

  • Attack.
  • Defense.
  • Tank.
  • Support.

Depending on your choice, you can picture what you will do: fighting on the front lines, providing shield cover for the rest of the team to protect them from harm, amplifying the damage your attackers deal, or becoming an unstoppable strike force.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Offers in-app purchases.
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