Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a battle royale shooter in which up to 60 players can take part in online games at once with a similar design to Fortnite and Overwatch

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Online shooters are quite popular at present and the battle royale frenzy never seems to end mainly thanks to Fortnite and its huge success. Possibly Epic Games' title and Blizzard's Overwatch are the two best shooting games at present, setting the standards for newer games such as Apex Legends, developed jointly by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment.

A battle royale-style shooter for 60 players

if you're used to multiplayer shooters, this game is definitely not going to mean anything new to you but neither will you have any trouble to understand how it goes. In fact, it will easily win you over thanks to its style dynamics developed by Apex. It's based on Titanfall and takes place in the context of the Frontier War in which players can win fortune and money in the Apex Games.

These are some of the game's features:

  • Characters from Titanfall.
  • Three-monthly seasons and battle pass.
  • Massive battles with up to 60 players.
  • Possibility to create squads of up to three players.
  • Option to heal and respawn the wounded.
  • Different heroes with their own particular skills.
  • Strategic decisions are extremely important.

The game incorporates the typical all-versus-all system in which the amp gradually reduces, bringing the surviving players closer and closer. Furthermore, it also includes a quarterly battle pass and seasons.

It's a project with heavy investment and with a huge marketing campaign backed by different YouTube stars although it has got enough traits of its own to become a very important online action game.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Offers in-app purchases.
Respawn Entertainment
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What is Apex Legends and what's it for

Apex Legends is a battle royale type of video game for computers and consoles released by Respawn Entertainment and distributed by Electronic Arts. It was launched on February 4th, 2019, and quickly became one of the community’s favorite games, with downloads surging to more than two million in the first few days. The game is set in the Titanfall universe, a futuristic shooter game developed by Electronic Arts years back.


Where to find the best Apex Legends loot

Loot in Apex Legends is entirely random, meaning there is not one specific place to find a particular item. There are, however, areas where loot is more likely to appear: as a rule of thumb, the supply ship and the so-called "hot zone," represented by a blue circle on the map, will almost always have the highest tier loot. These are also the areas where most players usually decide to land, so you’d better tread carefully.


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